A coloratura soprano, Manami OKAZAKI was born in Japan. After completed a musical education at the Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo, she moved to Vienna in 2008, and in the same year she made her debut in opera “Zéphire” “La guirlande” at Wiener Kammeroper at the age of 21.
Subsequently during 2009-2013, she had performed as the Queen of the Night in Opera “The Magic Flute” by W.A. Mozart, and Adele in Operetta “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss, and Opera “Cinderella” at theaters in Cologne, Mainz, Freiberg and Baden-Baden, Germany.

In 2017, she had performed Music drama “Mozard” with Vienna Boys Choir at Muth concert hall in Vienna, and in 2018 she had performed leading role Josepha in typical Austrian Operetta “The White Horse Inn” at Hoftheater in Waldviertel, and was covered by a lot of the media as the first Japanese who sings Wiener Lieder.
In the same year, she sang as soprano soloist of “Symphony No.9” by Beethoven at the Vienna State Opera which is one of the leading establishments for opera in the world.

She has been performed in the field of church music as well, starting from soprano soloist of “Theresienmesse” by Haydn at Lichtenthal church in 2009. And in 2011, invited by the Maestro Helmuth Rilling, she sang as soprano soloist of cantata at Stuttgart in Germany. Recently she regularly sang as soprano soloist at Grinzing church in Vienna, Austria.

Moreover, she is  further expanding the scope of her activities to the theatrical circles, and played the leading roles of the play “HIKIKOMORI” in Vienna and Luxembourg, and『ANSTOSS』in Austria. She is also working as a Director of the Arche Theatre in Vienna, Austria.



Mono-drama “Hikikomori”

at Theater Arche in Vienna and Luxenberg 


Soprano soloist of “Symphony No.9” by Beethoven

at Vienna State Opera in Vienna


Soprano soloist of “Momiji”

at Vienna State Opera in Vienna

Conductor: Kurt Schmid


Operetta “The White Horse Inn” As Josepha

at Hoftheater in Waldviertel, Austria


Music drama “Mozard” with Vienna Boys Choir

at Muth concert hall in Vienna


Solo concert “Collaboration of western classical music & Japanese traditional instrument-Koto “

at Japan’s national treasure “Menuma Shodenzan Temple”


Soprano soloist of “The 3rd SP Classic concert”

at Tokyo Metropolitan Theater in Tokyo, Japan


Soprano soloist of “Du nur bist das Glück meines Lebens”
at Ehrbar Hall in Vienna, Austria

Conductor: Reto Parolari
Orchester: Franz Lehár Orchestra


Opera “Cinderella” by Gioachino Antonio Rossini

at theaters in Cologne, Germany


Opera “The Magic Flute” by W.A. Mozart

Operetta “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss

in Cologne, Mainz, Baden-Baden, Germany


Opera “Zéphire” “La guirlande” by Jean-Philippe Rameau

at Vienna Chamber Opera in Vienna